Andrew Ross Sorkin, Author of Too Big to Fail

November 2015

New York Times columnist and author, Andrew Roos Sorking, has been described as "the most famous finacial journalist of his generation." His book, Too big to fail, was the first behind-the-scenes account of the financial crisis that let to our current recession.
The economist The Finacial Times, the Business Week all names Too Big TO fail one of the best books of the year. This book was published by Viking October 20,2009. The book was adapted as a movie by HBO Films and premiered on HBO on May 23,2011.

The cast of the movie: too Big to Fail

  1. William hurt as Hank Pulson
  2. Paul Giamatti as Ben Bernake
  3. Billy Crudup as Timothy Geithnet

Movie Review

       "lots of heat but not bery much light. It came across as a kind of daytime soap opera version showing the personalites of
the players rather than dealing with the nuts and bolts of what really happened. Even that would not have been so bad but
the movie tries to portray lots of these folks as sympathetic figues just trying to do the right thing."

       "I am watching this for the 3rd time, trying to understand how this large group of capitalist pigs could royally screw their families,
descendants,neightbors,countrymen and the rest of the whole world with absolutly no compassion sasdasdasas."

Prepared by: Samuel Nichol